The Projects

We believe that small businesses needs specific open source software
to compete against large corporations.


Development Software

Development software are used to create projects more easily. You can see the packages we develop. We also created the entity-controller, which helps create RESTful APIs a lot faster than normally. We also plan to create query/exception loggers and an alert system.


Marketing Software

We believe that every business should be able to advertise on different platforms, track their campaigns, track the actions of their users on their website, track the activities of users on their property (websites, games, etc.) and discover the metrics related to their users, to better spend their advertising budgets.


Industry Specific Software

We believe that every business should have specific software made for their industry. These software should make it easier to manage their actors (customers, employees, affiliates, partners) by automating processes. Therefore, they should increase sales while minimizing management efforts.


Marketplace Software

Each industry should have marketplace software that talk to the APIs of each of its members. These marketplaces should act so that users are better served, not investors.


Our Team

The current team is currently very small. Its composed of our funder with his two cats.

Leo-Paul Rodrigue

Leo Paul is our Lead Attention Seeker. He likes working over time, at nights, to create disturbance in the office.

Steve Rodrigue

Steve Rodrigue is an experience software developer. He worked in different industries, including video streaming platforms, video games and advertising.

Paulette Rodrigue

Paulette is our current Mascot Intern. She is the best at cheering people up and making them productive!

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The Mission

We are helping small businesses compete against large corporations

We believe that the current way we develop and use technology, as a society, is broken: technology should serve users & communities, not investors. In the 1930s, thinkers though that the future communities would work very few hours because technology would help them with their tasks. The way technology is being developed & used right now, only a small part of the population will see this happen. We want to enable the whole population with this power, using open source software and marketplaces.

We are currently developing quality development software that will help develop other software at a faster pace. It will also help monitor software and automate processes easily. Basically, this is the foundation to develop further industry specific software.

We will then focus on developing marketing software. We believe that the first steps to help small businesses online is by giving them the tools to advertise to their users and understand them better. The website owners will then offer content/products that his community wants, which will increase his sales and/or readership.

Then, we will create industry specific software that will be connected to marketplace software. This will give the ability to any small business to better serve their customers, spend their resources properly and understand their metrics to increase their profits. They will also enable these businesses to acquire new customers by serving them better, not by pleasing their investors. Customers will be better served, small businesses will make more profits and people will work less due to automation created by the software.

Basically, we want to remove investors from the equation. We want small businesses to serve their communities better, increase their profits and decrease their work hours. This also means that money will be better distributed in communities.

To make this happen, we need your help. It can be by sharing this website to people and/or small business owners you know. If you have some money to spare, every financial contributions will be very welcomed, even very small amounts. Please visit our contribution page to understand how you can help us.

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If you want to talk to us, please do. Every single reason you may have to talk to us is a good one. Communication is key!

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The address on your left is our current main office. Please note that this is not a public office: if you want to meet, please email us first to schedule a meeting.

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